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Need a car loan? No problem! Car Credit Giant leverages our relationships with dealers that will help you get a car loan to put you in a new or used car you want! Car Credit Giant works with people needing car loans, for good credit, bad credit, low credit, no credit, repossession, and bankruptcies. It's our specialty to pair you with a dealer that can get you driving as soon as today.

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Our nationwide car loan network boosts your chances of getting approved. It puts our dealers in position to slot you to the best interest rate your credit will allow. Dealers and lenders don't make it into our system without a certifiable record of commitment to customer service.

It can be hard to purchase a car with bad credit. We serve people with all kinds of credit, but we specialize in car loans for people with bad credit. Nearly 80 percent of all Americans have at least one credit blemish, and we've helped people get bad credit car loans when they thought they'd never find one. We specialize in low credit car loans. Read more about our bad credit car loans in Colorado Springs and read our tips on bad credit auto loans even during a credit crunch.

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Here's a little inside secret from the auto loan business. A lot of dealers have learned they can make money on bad credit car loans -- not so much by jacking up rates to ridiculous levels, but by taking good care of people. Bad credit auto loan customers are grateful for the second chance and surveys show they are very loyal -- and very likely to be repeat customers. That's crucial because the average dealer spends $500 per car on marketing. Return customers equal instant profit.

Here's another inside fact on the car business. Fewer than half of all car buyers actually buy a car within the first 30 days. People take time to shop around and they take time to save up a bigger down payment. We're all for this -- the best way to cut your auto finance costs is to boost your down payment. It's just about mandatory these days as credit is tighter than it used to be.

So by all means click the apply now link if you've saved up your down payment, if you've set your budget and researched your price range.

Our online car loan application is one of the shortest on the Web, we've been doing this longer than most any of our bad credit auto loan competitors, and we are linked up with the strongest lenders in the auto finance industry. We look forward to serving you, either right now or a couple of paychecks from now when you'll be in better shape down payment-wise.

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  • Our online car loan application takes only a minute to complete, we protect your personal information, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau .
  • We've processed more than thousands of car loan applications since 1989.
  • We have hundreds of lenders nationwide dedicated to slotting you to the best car loan rate your credit score will allow.
  • We provide a fast and hassle-free process, especially if you're worried about being embarrassed by bad credit.
  • Our application is free and puts you under no obligation. Try it and see.

Tips, Advice & More

Our tips and advice section is designed to save you time and money.

  • Because so many bad credit car loans are around $10,000 to $25,000, we do a lot of research on the best deals in that price range. Learn about the best cars for bad credit .
  • Our car loan payment calculator can help you estimate what your monthly payment will be. Our car loan calculator can help you estimate how much car you can afford.

If you are ready to buy a new or used car it's time to be thinking about car loans and your car financing options. CarCreditGiant provides online financing services for new or used car loans through the network of car loan lenders and auto dealers anywhere who will compete for your business. It is entirely possible for you to be financing a car with bad credit.

We have carefully selected lenders who specialize in Bad Credit Car Loans who will provide you with a free no obligation car loan quote. If you've had trouble getting approved in the past due to bad credit, poor credit, bankruptcy, repossession, no credit or low credit score; has a finance solution that will fit your needs.

Why wait any longer It's fast, easy and there's no obligation. You can be driving home in your new car today, just complete the instant car loan application or you can try our car loans qualifier on the right to see how much the lenders say you can afford to finance for a new or used bad credit car loan.

If you are reading about bad credit auto loans, it probably means that you have faced some issues like two thirds of the US population that leaves you with less than perfect credit. The truth about car financing is there's almost no one that has "perfect credit" so don't for one minute think you can't get approved for a new or used car loan with bad credit or bankruptcy. Most bad credit car loan programs offer low rates and easy qualification.

There are many bad credit car loan lenders who are willing and eager to provide bad credit car financing for new or used car loans at rates and terms that will fit into any budget and CarCreditGiant has brought them together so they can all compete for your car loan. New car loans and used car loans offer low rate financing for bad credit too.

If you've tried to finance a new or used car in the past or tried to find car loans for bad credit, you've already experienced the stress and hassle of running all over town and having to explain to a complete stranger about past credit problems. CarCreditGiant guarantees this is going to be a totally new experience in buying a new car.

We can provide you with car loans for bad credit, low credit, poor credit or bankruptcy often with no down payment, so stop driving a car that you don't like. Get approved today!

Running from dealer to dealer trying to get a car loan quote and approval is exhausting and frustrating. Often people with financial problems have trouble arranging a car loan for reliable transportation. Students looking for car loans also face the same problem. As a result many settle for older, high mileage cars from a local used car lots. Now there's an easy way to get a car loan quote for a new or used car if you have a bad credit history. With CarCreditGiant, there are no hassles, no waiting, and no obligation. Free on-line car loans application. Determine your new or used car loans monthly payment with the easy to use car loan calculators.

If you already have secured financing, search for new cars on-line and compare the best car loan quotes from your local auto dealers in your area.

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  • Personal Service.
  • Abundant inventory selection with access to all makes and models.
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  • No application fees.
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  • Exceptional knowledge about placing indirect car loans.
  • Special finance managers onsite.
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  • Abundant inventory for client selection.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Lenders that report your payment history to the major credit reporting agencies.
  • Affordable monthly payments.
  • Reasonable down payments.
  • Privacy assurance.

* We are a nationwide service with affiliate lenders and dealer partners. We have helped thousands of people with credit problems get car loans to finance nice vehicles.

* If you have poor credit, no credit, or bankruptcy, you may have a hard time getting approved by a bank or finance company, even for a cheap vehicle, especially with no money down. Our personal service has helped high risk buyers such as people who are upside down (have negative trade equity). Other online services don't compare. Our service is fast, easy, and secured. Apply today and get an approval today.

* Securing car loans for a new set of wheels shouldn't be like the chore we know it to be. With our speedy online form, you will be able to go from "vehicle shopping" to "vehicle driving" in no time.

We also serve the Pueblo, Trinidad and Castle Rock area with auto loans and bad credit car loans. If you're seeking a car loan or bad credit car loan in Colorado Springs, contact us today!

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